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What is the Virtual Chamber

We are a business-lead and business-driven organization dedicated to providing an online platform for Montrose County Colorado businesses promote and grow their businesses. Our mission is to help local businesses become competitive in the region through first class business directory and advertising services. Membership is 100% free, and open to all businesses in Montrose County.

What We Do:

As a Chamber we believe our primary role in our community is to provide a directory of our local businesses and to help educate those businesses on the best ways to advertise online.

Though our services are limited we do offer a number offer resources and information geared towards local small businesses.

What We Don't Do:

Though we call ourselves a “Chamber of Commerce” we are by no means traditional. With a small voluntary staff comprised mostly from a local marketing agency, InSync Media, we do our best to provide a self-sustaining system.

This means we don’t do the following “traditional” Chamber services: Local statistics, recommendations on where to stay, provide directions or lists of businesses in a particular category over the phone, etc.

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